Section – X  
HS Code (ITC Classification List)
Code 47 –  Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulosic material; waste & scrap of paper & paperboard
Code 48 –  Paper & paperboard & articles thereof; paper pulp articles ts and plans
Code 49 –  Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of printing industry; manuscripts, typescrip


Code 47 –  Pulp of wood or of other fibrous cellulosic material; waste & scrap of paper & paperboard
4701 Mechanical woodpulp
470100 Mechanical woodpulp
4702 Chemical woodpulp, dissolving grades
470200 Chemical woodpulp, dissolving grades
4703 Chemical woodpulp, soda or sulfate, not dissolving grades
470311 Chem wdpulp sulfate ex disslvng gr conif, unbleach
470319 Chem wdpulp sulfate ex disslvng gr nonconif unblch
470321 Chemical woodpulp, soda etc. n dis s bl & bl conif
470329 Chem woodpulp, soda etc, n dis s bl & bl nonconif
4704 Chemical woodpulp, sulfite, not dissolving grades
470411 Chem wdpulp sulfite ex disslvng gr conif unbleachd
470419 Chem wdpulp sulfite ex disslvng gr unblch nonconif
470421 Chem wdpulp sulfite ex dsslvng gr conif semi/blech
470429 Chem wdpulp sulfite ex dsslvng gr nonconf semi/blc
4705 Semichemical woodpulp
470500 Semichemical woodpulp
4706 Pulps of other fibrous cellulosic material
470610 Cotton linters pulp
470691 Mechanical pulps of fibrous cellulosic matrl nesoi
470692 Chemical pulp of other fibrous cellulosic material
470693 Semichemical pulp of other fibrous cellulosc mat’l
4707 Waste and scrap of paper or paperboard
470710 Waste, scrap unbleach kraft, corrugatd paper/pprbd
470720 Waste & scrap paper & paper bd, of bl ch pulp etc.
470730 Waste & scrap paper & paperbd, of mechanical pulp
470790 Waste, scrap, incl unsorted, paper, paperbd, nesoi
Code 48 –  Paper & paperboard & articles thereof; paper pulp articles ts and plans
4801 Newsprint, in rolls or sheets
480100 Newsprint, in rolls or sheets
4802 Paper, uncoated for writing, printing etc, punch card stock & punch tape paper, 
  in rolls or sheets, handmade paper & paperboard
480210 Handmade paper and paperboard
480220 Unctd base ppr to be sensitizd (photo etc) rls/sht
480230 Carbonizing base paper, uncoated, rolls or sheets
480240 Wallpaper base (hanging ppr) uncoatd, rolls/sheets
480251 Paper nesoi, nov 10% fiber by mech pr, un40g/m2 uc
480252 Paper nesoi, nov 10% fib mech pr, 40g/m2nov150g/m2
480253 Paper nesoi, nov 10% fiber by mech pr, ov150g/m2 u
480260 Paper nesoi, over 10% (wt) fiber by mechan proc uc
4803 Toilet, tissue, towel, napkin stock; cellulose wadding & webs of cellulose fibres 
  (rolls width or sheet side greater than 36cm)
480300 Toilet etc hshld/santry stock ppr roll/sht ov 36cm
4804 Uncoated kraft paper & paperboard, in rolls, sheets (not 4802, 4803)
480411 Kraftliner, uncoated unbleached in rolls or sheets
480419 Kraftliner, uncoated, bleached, in rolls or sheets
480421 Sack kraft paper uncoated unbleached, rolls/sheets
480429 Sack kraft paper uncoated bleached in rolls/sheets
480431 Kraft paper nesoi, nov 150 g/m2, unbleached, uncoa
480439 Kraft paper nesoi, nov 150 g/m2, uncoat, bleached
480441 Kraft paper nesoi, ov 150 g/m2 un 225 g/m2 unbl uc
480442 Kraft pr nesoi, ov150g/m2und225g/m2, bl, 95% wf uc
480449 Oth krft ppr/pprbrd unctd blchd nesoi 151-224g/m2
480451 Krft ppr/pprbrd unctd unblchd 225g/m2/more rll/sht
480452 Kraft pr nesoi, not un 225g/m2, bl, 95% w fib chem
480459 Krft ppr/pprbrd unctd blchd nesoi 225g/m2> rll/sht
4805 Other uncoated paper & paperboard, in rolls, sheets
480510 Semichemical flutng ppr (corrugatng med) unctd rll
480521 Multi-ply paper & paperbd, each layer blea, uncoat
480522 Multi-ply paper & paperbd, 1 out layer bl, uncoat
480523 Multi-ply paper, 3 or more layer, 2 outer bl, unct
480529 Multi-ply paper and paperboard nesoi, uncoated
480530 Sulfite wrapping paper uncoated in rolls or sheets
480540 Filter ppr & paperboard, uncoated, in rolls/sheets
480550 Felt paper/paperboard ex kraft unctd, rolls/sheets
480560 Paper and paperboard, nesoi, not over 150 g/m2, uc
480570 Paper & paperbd nesoi, over 150g/m2 un 225g/m2, uc
480580 Paper & paperboard nesoi, not under 225 g/m2, unct
4806 Vegetable parchment, greaseproof papers, tracing papers, glassine,
  glazed transparent or translucent papers in rolls, sheets
480610 Vegetable parchment paper, in rolls or sheets
480620 Greaseproof paper (as manufactured) in rolls/sheet
480630 Tracing papers in rolls or sheets
480640 Glassine & oth glazed transparent/translucent papr
4807 Composite paper & paperboard, not surface coated or impregnated, rolls, sheets
480710 Ppr/pbrd laminatd intrnaly wth bitumen tar/asphalt
480791 Straw ppr/pbrd not surface-coatd/impregnatd rll/sh
480799 Composite paper/pprboard nesoi nt impregntd etc rl
4808 Paper and paperboard, corrugated, creped, crinkled, embossed, perforated, in rolls or sheets
480810 Corrugated ppr/pbrd, w/n perforated nesoi roll/sht
480820 Sack kraft ppr, crepe or crinkled, nesoi roll/shts
480830 Kraft ppr/pbrd ex sack, crepe or crinkled nesoi rl
480890 Paper/board nesoi crepe, crink, emboss or per, ro
4809 Carbon paper, self-copy paper & other coated or impregnated copying or transfer paper, in rolls, sheets
480910 Carbon/similar copying papers rolls/sheets ov 36cm
480920 Self-copy paper, in rolls or sheets over 36cm wide
480990 Copying/transfer paper, coated/impregntd, ov 36 cm
4810 Paper & paperboard, coated with kaolin or other inorganic substances
481011 Paper, writ etc, nov 10% mech pr fib nov150g/m2 ct
481012 Ppr/pbrd writing etc nesoi clay ctd ov 150g/m2 etc
481021 Paper, light-wgh coated writing etc over 10% mech
481029 Ppr/pbrd ex lit-wgh writng etc clay ctd ov 10% mec
481031 Kraft paper nov150g/m2, bleach, 95% w fib ch pr ct
481032 Kraft paper ov150g/m2, bleach, 95% w fib ch pr ct
481039 Kraft ppr/pbrd ex graphic, clay ctd unblch rll/sht
481091 Ppr/pbrd ex krft/grphc clay coatd multi-ply rl/sht
481099 Ppr/pbrd ex krft/grphic clay ctd nesoi rolls/sheet
4811 Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding & webs of cellulose fibers,or decorated or printed, in rolls, sheets
   coated, impregnated, covered, surface colored 
481110 Ppr/pbr coatd/impreg wth tar bitumen/asphalt nesoi
481121 Ppr/pbrd gummed/adhesive pressure-senstve roll/sht
481129 Ppr/pbrd, gummed or adhesive, nesoi, rolls/sheets
481131 Paper nesoi, ov150g/m2, bleach, impr or plast covr
481139 Paper & paperbd coated, etc, with plastics nesoi
481140 Ppr/pbrd ctd/impg/cov wth wax/stearin etc rll/shts
481190 Paper, paperbd, cellulose wadd etc, coat etc nesoi
4812 Filter blocks, slabs and plates, of paper pulp
481200 Filter blocks, slabs and plates, of paper pulp
4813 Cigarette paper , rolls, booklets, tubes
481310 Cigarette paper in the form of booklets or tubes
481320 Cigarette paper in rolls of a width not over 5 cm
481390 Cigarette paper, whether or not cut to size, nesoi
4814 Wallpaper & similar wall coverings; window transparencies of paper
481410 Ingrain paper wallcoverings
481420 Wallppr/simlr wallcvrng of ppr coated etc plastics
481430 Wallpr/simlr wallcvrng ppr cov wth plaiting materl
481490 Wallpr/simlr wallcvrng nesoi; ppr windw transparen
4815 Floor coverings on base of paper or paperboard
481500 Floor coverings, ppr/pprboard base, w/n cut to sz
4816 Carbon paper, self-copy paper (not 4809), duplicator stencils, offset plates, of paper whether or not boxed
481610 Carbon & simlr copying papers, cut to size/shape
481620 Self-copy paper, cut to size or shape
481630 Duplicator stencils of paper
481690 Transfer pprs cut to size/shape & ppr offset plate
4817 Envelopes, letter cards, plain postcards; boxes, writing compendiums of paper or paperboard containingof paper stationery
   an assortment 
481710 Envelopes of paper/paperboard, for correspondence
481720 Ppr/pbrd lttr card/plain postcard/corrs card nesoi
481730 Ppr/pbrd boxes/pouches/etc cont assortmnt statnery
4818 Toilet paper, handkerchiefs, tissues, towels, napkins, table cloths, diapers, tampons, bed sheets, etc.
481810 Toilet paper
481820 Handkerchiefs, tissues & towels of paper pulp etc
481830 Tablecloths & table napkins of paper, ppr pulp etc
481840 Sanitary napkins, diapers & sanit art of paper etc
481850 Artcls of apparel/clothing accessors of paper etc
481890 Bed sheets & simlr househld/hospital art ppr nesoi
4819 Cartons, boxes, cases, bags, other packing containers, of paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding,
   webs; office box files, letter trays of paper etc
481910 Cartons, boxes & cases corrugated paper & paperbd
481920 Folding cartons, boxes etc, noncor paper & paperbd
481930 Sacks and bags, base 40 cm & over, of paper etc
481940 Sacks and bags nesoi, incl cones, of paper etc,
481950 Packing containers nesoi, record sleeve, paper etc
481960 Box files/lttr tray/storage, paper, office/shops
4820 Registers, account books, notebooks, letter pads, memorandum pads, diaries, binders, business forms etc of paper
482010 Registers/acct bks/notebks/letter pad etc ppr/pbrd
482020 Exercise books, of paper or paperboard
482030 Binders, folders and file covers, paper or paperbd
482040 Manifold business forms/intrleavd carbon sets ppr
482050 Albums for samples/collections of paper/paperboard
482090 Blotting pads/book covers/artcl statnry nesoi, papr
4821 Labels of paper or paperboard, printed or not
482110 Paper and paperboard labels of all kinds, printed
482190 Paper and paperboard labels, all kinds, not print
4822 Bobbins, spools, cops and similar of paper & paperboard
482210 Bobbins/simlr supports fr windng textile yarn, ppr
482290 Bobbins & simlr supports nesoi of ppr pulp ppr etc
4823 Other paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding cut to size & articles adhesive paper, filter paper
482311 Gummed/adhesive ppr strip/roll prssr-sens nt label
482319 Gummed/adhesive ppr strip/rll nt prss-sen nt label
482320 Filter paper and paperboard, cut to size or shape
482330 Cards, not punched, fr punchcard machine, ppr/pbrd
482340 Roll/sheet/dial printed fr self-recordng appr, ppr
482351 Ppr/pbrd for graphics nesoi prnt/embssd etc cut sz
482359 Paper & paperbd cut to size etc, writing etc no pt
482360 Trays, dishes, plates, cups etc, paper or paperbd
482370 Molded or pressed articles of paper pulp
482390 Articles of ppr pulp/ppr/pprbrd/cellulse etc nesoi
Code 49 –  Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of printing industry; manuscripts, typescrip
4901 Printed books, brochures, leaflets & similar printed matter
490110 Printed books/brochures/leaflets etc, single sheets
490191 Dictionaries & encyclopedias & serial installments
490199 Printed books, brochures, etc., nesoi
4902 Newspapers, journals & periodicals
490210 Newspapers, journals, periodicals, 4 times a week
490290 Newspapers, etc appearing less than 4 times per wk
4903 Children’s picture, drawing or coloring books
490300 Children’s picture, drawing or coloring books
4904 Music, printed or in manuscript, whether bound, illustrated or not
490400 Music, printed or in manuscript, bound etc or not
4905 Maps & hydrographic or similar charts atlases, wall maps, topographical plans, globes
490510 Globes, printed
490591 Maps, charts, atlases etc nesoi printed, book form
490599 Maps, charts, atlases etc, printed, nesoi
4906 Plans, drawings for architectural, engineering, industrial, commercial, topographical purposes, originals or copies
490600 Plans, drawings for architectural, etc purposes
4907 Unused postage, revenue or similar stamps current or new issue, check forms, banknotes, stock, etc
490700 Unused postage, check forms, banknotes, stock, etc
4908 Transfers (decalcomanias, except toy)
490810 Transfers (decalomanias), vitrifiable
490890 Transfers (decalomanias), nesoi
4909 Printed or illustrated post cards, greeting cards etc.
490900 Printed or illust post cards, greeting cards, etc.
4910 Calendars of any kind, printed
491000 Calendars, calendar blocks of any kind, printed
4911 Other printed matter, including printed pictures & photos trade advertising material, catalogs
491110 Trade advertising material, commercial catalog etc
491191 Pictures, designs and photographs, printed