Section – XVII

HS Code (ITC Classification List)
Code 86 Railway or tramway. Locomotives, rolling stock, track fixtures and parts thereof; mechanical
& electro-mechanical traffic signal equipment
Code 87 Vehicles, (not railway, tramway, rolling stock); parts and accessories
Code 88 Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof
Code 89 Ships, boats and floating stuctures
Code 86 – Railway or tramway. Locomotives, rolling stock, track fixtures and parts thereof; mechanical
& electro-mechanical traffic signal equipment
8601 Rail locomotives..powered by external electrical source or accumulators (batteries)
860110 Rail locomotives powered from external source elec
860120 Rail locomotives powered by elec accumulators
8602 Rail locomotives nonelectric; locomotive tenders diesel-electric locomotives
860210 Diesel electric locomotives
860290 Rail locomotives and tenders nesoi
8603 Railway/tramway self-propelled..coaches/vans/trucks (not 8604)
860310 Self-propelled railway or tramway coaches, electr
860390 Self-propelled railway or tramway coach nesoi
8604 Railway/tramway maintenance or service vehicles workshops, cranes, ballast tampers,
trackliners, testing coaches
860400 Railway or tramway maintenance or service vehicles
8605 Railway/tramway passenger coaches & special purpose coaches
(not self-propelled or 8604) luggage vans
860500 Railwy, tramwy pasengr coaches, not self-propelled
8606 Railway/tramway freight cars, not self-propelled
860610 Railway or tramway tank cars not self-propelled
860620 Railway or tramway insulat, refrig cars not slf-pl
860630 Railway or tramway self-discharging cars not slf-p
860691 Railway or trmwy cars, covered, closed nesoi
860692 Railway or trmwy cars, open, non-removbl sides ne
860699 Railwy, tramwy freight cars, nt slf-prl nesoi
8607 Railway/tramway parts for locomotives, rolling stock
860711 Truck assemblies for self-propelled railway veh
860712 Truck assemblies, railway, nesoi
860719 Truck axles and wheels & pts, inc pts truck assem
860721 Airbrakes and parts thereof
860729 Brakes, except airbrakes, and parts thereof
860730 Hooks & oth coupling devices buffers & pts thereof
860791 Parts, nesoi, of locomotives
860799 Pts of railway/tramway locomotive/rollg stck nesoi
8608 Railway/tramway track fixtures & fittings; mechanical signaling/safety/traffic control
for railways/tramways/roads/waterways/ports/parkin facilities
860800 Railway fixtures; mech signaling, safety, etc, eq
8609 Containers specially designed for transport
860900 Containers for one or more modes of transport
Code 87 – Vehicles, (not railway, tramway, rolling stock); parts and accessories
8701 Tractors (other than works trucks of heading 8709)
870110 Tractors, pedestrian controlled
870120 Road tractors for semi-trailers
870130 Track-laying tractors
870190 Tractors, nesoi
8702 Public-transport type passenger motor vehicles
870210 Passengr mtr veh compr-ignitn intr comb pist(disl)
870290 Public-trnsprt typ pasgnr veh, nesoi
8703 Motor cars & vehicles for transporting persons (not 8702)
870310 Pass veh for snow; golf carts & similar vehicles
870321 Pass mtr veh, spark ign eng, not ov 1,000 cc
870322 Pass mtr veh, spark ign eng, >1000cc but =<1500cc
870324 Pass veh spk-ig int com rcpr p eng > 3000 cc
870331 Pass mtr veh, diesel eng, not ov 1500 cc
870332 Pass veh com-ig int com eng > 1500 nov 2500 cc
870333 Pass veh com-ig int com eng > 2500 cc
870390 Passenger motor vehicles, nesoi
8704 Motor vehicles for transport of goods
870410 Dumpers designed for off-highway use
870421 Trucks, nesoi, diesel eng, gvw 5 metric tons & und
870422 Mtr veh trans gds com-ig int c p e gvw >5nov20 mtn
870423 Truck, diesel eng, gvw > 20 metric tons
870431 Mtr veh trans gds spk ig in c p eng, gvw nov 5 mtn
870432 Mtr veh trans gds spk-ig in c p eng, gvw > 5 m tn
870490 Trucks, nesoi
8705 Special purpose motor vehicles wreckers, mobile cranes, fire fighting, concrete mixers,
road sweepers, spraying, mobile specialized units
870510 Mobile cranes
870520 Mobile drilling derricks
870530 Fire fighting vehicles
870540 Concrete mixers, special purpose vehicle
870590 Special purpose vehicles, nesoi
8706 Chassis with engines..for motor vehicles of 8701 to 8705
870600 Chas w eng f trac, mtr veh f pass/gd & special pur
8707 Bodies & cabs..for motor vehicles of 8701 to 8705
870710 Bodies f mtr car/vehicles for transporting persons
870790 Bodies f road tractors and motor veh(pub tran, etc)
8708 Parts & accessories..for motor vehicles of 8701 to 8705 brakes, radiators, mufflers,
exhaust pipes, clutches, steering wheels/columns/boxes
870810 Bumpers and parts, for motor vehicles
870821 Safety seat belts for motor vehicles
870829 Pts & access of bodies of motor vehicles, nesoi
870831 Mounted brake linings for motor vehicles
870839 Brakes and servo-brakes, parts, of 8701, 8705
870840 Gear boxes for motor vehicles
870850 Drive axles with differential for motor vehicles
870860 Non-driving axles & pts thereof for motor vehicles
870870 Road wheels & pts & accessories for motor vehicles
870880 Suspension shock absorbers for motor vehicles
870891 Radiators for motor vehicles
870892 Mufflers and exhaust pipes for motor vehicles
870893 Clutches and parts thereof for motor vehicles
870894 Steering wheels, columns & boxes f motor vehicles
870899 Parts and accessories of motor vehicles, nesoi
8709 Works trucks, self-propelled (not fitted with lifting/handling equipment) used in..
factories/warehouses/dock areas/airports; parts thereof
870911 Elec vehicles (fact etc works trucks & tractors)
870919 Vehicles (fact etc works trucks & tractors) nonel
870990 Parts for works trucks w/o lift equip
8710 Tanks & other armored fighting vehicles, motorized; parts thereof
871000 Tank & ot armored fight veh, motorized; and parts
8711 Motorcycles & cycles with auxiliary motor; side-cars mopeds
871110 Motocycles (incl mopeds), pist, eng, cyl, not, exc 50cc
871120 Motorcycles (including mopeds), cycl, exc50cc, nt250c
871130 Motorcycles (including mopeds), cycl, exc250cc, nt500
871140 Motorcycles, cycl, exc500, nt800cc
871150 Motorcycles, cycl, excd 800 cc
871190 Motorcycles (including mopeds), nesoi, side cars
8712 Bicycles & other cycles (not motorized) delivery tricycles
871200 Bicycles & oth cycles (inc del tricycle) no motor
8713 Invalid carriages
871310 Invalid carriages, not mechanically propelled
871390 Invalid carriages, nesoi
8714 Parts & accessories for..motor cycles/cycles/invalid carriages of 8711 to 8713
871411 Saddles and seats of motorcycles
871419 Parts of motorcycles, nesoi
871420 Parts and accessories of invalid carriages
871491 Frames and forks, and prts for bicycles etc.
871492 Wheel rims and spokes, nesoi, of veh, hed, 8711, 8713
871493 Hubs, other than coster brakn hubs, hb brks, spk, whls
871494 Brakes, incl coaster brkng hubs, hub brks, prts, nes
871495 Saddles for bicycles etc.
871496 Pedals and crank-gear, parts, nesoi, of 8711, 8713
871499 Parts and acessories nesoi of bicycles etc.
8715 Baby carriages; parts thereof strollers
871500 Baby carriages (inc strollers) and parts thereof
8716 Trailers & semi-trailers; other vehicles (not mechanically propelled); parts thereof
871610 Trailers and semi-trailers for housing or camping
871620 Self-loading or self-unloading trailers, semi-trail
871631 Tanker trailers and tanker semi-trailers
871639 Trailers & semi-trailer f trans cds ex tankr nesoi
871640 Trailers and semi-trailers, nesoi
871680 Vehicles not mechanically propelled, nesoi
871690 Pts trailers, semi-trailer & ot veh n mech propeld
Code 88 – Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts thereof
8801 Balloons & dirigibles; gliders, hang gliders, non-powered aircraft
880110 Gliders and hang gliders
880190 Balloons & dirigibles; oth non-power aircrft, nesoi
8802 Aircraft, powered; spacecraft & launch vehicles helicopters, satellites
880211 Helicopters of an unladen weight not over 2000 kg
880212 Helicopters of an unladen weight exceeding 2000 kg
880220 Airplanes & ot a/c, unladen weight nt over 2000 kg
880230 Aipplane & a/c unladen wght > 2000, nov 15000 kg
880240 Airplane & ot a/c, unladen weight > 15,000 kg
880250 Spacecraft inc satellites and spacecraft vehicles
8803 Parts of..aircraft, spacecraft, balloons, etc., of 8801, 8802
880310 Propellr rotor & pts of gliders & a/c, n-pwrd/pwrd
880320 Undcarrge & pts gliders & a/c, non-powered/powered
880330 Parts of airplanes or helicopters, nesoi
880390 Parts of non-powered & powered aircraft etc nesoi
8804 Parachutes, rotochutes; parts & accessories dirigible parachutes
880400 Parachutes (including dirigible parachutes) rotoch
8805 Aircraft launching gear; deck-arrestor & similar gear; ground flying trainers; parts thereof
880510 Aircraft launching gear and prts; deck arrestors, pt
880520 Ground flying trainers and parts
Code 89 – Ships, boats and floating stuctures
8901 Vessels for..the transport of persons or goods cruise ships, excursion boats,
ferry boats, cargo ships, barges
890110 Cruise ships, excursion boats and similar vessels
890120 Tankers for the transport of goods
890130 Refrigerated vessels, other than tankers
890190 Vessels, nesoi, for transport of goods and vessels
8902 Fishing vessels; factory ships & vessels for processing or preserving fishery products
890200 Fishishing vessels; factory ships & shps, ves, nesoi
8903 Yachts & vessels for..pleasure or sports; row boats & canoes motorboats
890310 Inflatable yatchts, vessels, for ples, sports
890391 Sailboats, with or without auxiliary motor
890392 Motorboats, other than outboard motorboats
890399 Yachts etc for pleas/sport nesoi; row bts, canoes
8904 Tugs and pusher craft
890400 Tugs and pusher craft
8905 Light-vessels, fire-floats, dredgers, floating cranes; floating docks,
floating or submersible platforms
890510 Dredgers
890520 Floating or submersible drilling or prodctn, pltfrm
890590 Lght vessel, fire float, floating cranes/docks etc
8906 Water vessels (not 8901-8905) warships, lifeboats
890600 Vessels nesoi incl warshp/lifebt ex row boats
8907 Floating structures (not 8905) rafts, tanks, buoys, cofferdams, landing-stages, beacons
890710 Inflatable rafts
890790 Floating structures except inflatable rafts
8908 Vessels and floating structures for..scrapping
890800 Vessels and floating structures, for breaking