Section – vii
HS Code (ITC Classification List)
Code 39 – Plastics and articles thereof.
Code 40 – Rubber and articles thereof.
Code 39 – Plastics and articles thereof
3901 Polymers of ethylene, in primary forms
390110 Polyethylene having a specific gravity under 0.94
390120 Polyethylene having a spec gravity of 0.94 or more
390130 Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers, pr fms
390190 Polymers of ethylene nesoi, in primary forms
3902 Polymers of propylene or other olefins, in primary forms
390210 Polypropylene
390220 Polyisobutylene, in primary forms
390230 Propylene copolymers
390290 Polymers of propylene or other olefins nesoi, p fm
3903 Polymers of styrene, in primary forms
390311 Polystyrene, expandable, pr fms
390319 Polystyrene, nesoi
390320 Styrene-acrylonitrile (san) copolymers, pr fms
390330 Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (abs) copolymers
390390 Polymers of styrene nesoi, in primary forms
3904 Polymers of vinyl chloride or halogenated olefins, in primary forms
390410 Polyvinyl chloride, not mixed with other substance
390421 Other polymers of polyvinyl chloride, nonplastized
390422 Polymers nesoi of polyvinyl chloride, plasticized
390430 Vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate copolymers
390440 Vinyl chloride copolymers nesoi, pr fms
390450 Vinylidene chloride polymers
390461 Polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe), pr fms
390469 Fluoro-polymers nesoi, in primary forms
390490 Polymers of oth halog olefins, primary form, nesoi
3905 Polymers of vinyl acetate or other vinyl esters or polymers, in primary forms
390511 Polymers of vinyl acetate, in aqueous dispersion
390519 Polymers of vinyl acetate, not in aqueous dispers
390520 Polyvinyl alcohols, w/wo unhydrolyzed acetate grps
390590 Vinyl polymers nesoi, in primary forms
3906 Acrylic polymers in primary forms
390610 Polymethyl methacrylate
390690 Acrylic polymers nesoi, in primary forms
3907 Polyacetals, other polyethers, epoxide resins, polycarbonates, primary forms
alkyd resins, polyallyl esters, other
390710 Polyacetals, pr fms
390720 Other polyethers
390730 Epoxide resins, pr fms
390740 Polycarbonates
390750 Alkyd resins, pr fms
390760 Polyethylene terephthalate
390791 Polyesters nesoi, unsaturated, pr fms
390799 Other polyesters, saturated
3908 Polyamides in primary forms
390810 Polyamide-6,-11,-12,-6,6,-6,9,-6,10 or -6,12
390890 Polyamides nesoi, in primary forms
3909 Amino-resins, phenolics & polyurethanes in primary form
390910 Urea resins, pr fms; thiourea resins, pr fms
390920 Melamine resins
390930 Amino-resins nesoi, pr fms
390940 Phenolic resins
390950 Polyurethanes, in primary forms
3910 Silicones, in primary forms
391000 Silicones, in primary forms
3911 Petroleum & coumarone-indene resins, polyterpenes, polysulfides, polysulfones in primary form
391110 Petroleum resins, coumarone resins, etc, polyterpenes
391190 Polysulfides, polysulfones & other nesoi, prim frm
3912 Cellulose and chemical derivatives nesoi (not elsewhere specified or included) in primary forms
391211 Cellulose acetates, nonplasticized
391212 Cellulose acetates, plasticized, pr fms
391220 Cellulose nitrates (including collodions)
391231 Carboxymethylcellulose and its salts, pr fms
391239 Cellulose ethers, nesoi
391290 Cellulose & its chemical deriv, nesoi, primary fms
3913 Natural & modified natural polymers nesoi (not elsewhere specified or included)
in primary forms alginic acid, hardened proteins
391310 Alginic acid, its salts and esters, pr fms
391390 Natural and modified natural polymers nesoi, pr fm
3914 Ion-exchangers based on polymers (plastics), in primary forms
391400 Ion-exchangers, basd on polymrs of 3901-3913, pri fm
3915 Waste, parings and scrap, of plastics
391510 Waste, paring, scrap, of plast, of polymrs of ethylene
391520 Waste, paring and scrap of styrene polymers
391530 Waste, parings, scrap, of plas, of polymrs vinl chlori
391590 Waste, parings and scrap, of plastics, nesoi
3916 Monofilament with cross-section exceeding 1mm, rods, sticks, profile shapes of plastics sidings, racket strings
391610 Monofil, cr-sect ov 1mm, rod etc, ethylene polymer
391620 Rods, sticks & profile shapes, of polymr vin chlorid
391690 Monofil, cr-sect ov 1mm, rods etc, plastics nesoi
3917 Tubes, pipes & hoses & their fittings of plastics joints, elbows, flanges, artificial guts, sausage casings
391710 Art guts, sausage casing, harden protein/cellulos
391721 Tubes, pipes & hoses, rigid, of polymrs of ethylene
391722 Tubes, pipes & hoses, rigid, polymers of propylene
391723 Tubes, pipes & hoses, of polymer of vinyl chlordie
391729 Tubes, pipes & hoses, rigid, of plastic nesoi
391731 Flexible tubes, pipes & hose, min burst pres 2>.6mpa
391732 Tubes etc, nt reinforced etc, without fittings
391733 Tubes, pipes & hoses, not rigid, not reinf, with fit
391739 Tubes, pipes & hoses, of plastics, nesoi
391740 Fittings for tubes, pipes & hoses, of plastic
3918 Floor cover (rolls & tiles) & wall cover, plastics
391810 Floor, wall, etc covers, vinyl chloride polymers
391890 Floor, wall and ceiling covers of plastics nesoi
3919 Self-adhesive plates, sheets, film, foil, tape, strip & other flat shapes, of plastics
391910 Plates, sheet etc plast, s-adh, rolls nov 20 cm w
391990 Plates, sheets, film etc, plastics, self-adh nesoi
3920 Other plates, sheets, film, foil, tape, strip of plastics, noncellular & not reinforced, laminated, supported
392010 Plates, sheets, etc, noncell, not reinf, polm ethylene
392020 Plates, sheets etc, non-cell etc, polymr propylene
392030 Plates, sheets, etc, noncell, not rein, polym styrene
392041 Plates, sheets etc, non-cell etc, rigid poly vy ch
392042 Plates, sheets, etc, noncell, nt rein, polm vy chl, flex
392051 Plate etc, noncel etc, no rein, polymeth methacryl
392059 Plate, sheet, film, foil, strip, acrylic polymer, nesoi
392061 Plates non-cel etc, no rein, polycarbonates
392062 Plates, etc, noncel, n rein, polyethylene terephthlate
392063 Plate etc, noncell etc, no rein, unsat polyesters
392069 Plates, etc, noncel, n rein, of other polyesters, nesoi
392071 Plates etc, noncell etc, no rein, regen cellulose
392072 Plates, etc, noncel, n rein, of cellulo or der, vlc fbr
392073 Plates etc, noncell etc, no rein, cellulos acetate
392079 Plate, etc, noncell, nt rein, cellulose derivatives
392091 Plates etc, noncell etc, no r, polyvinyl butyral
392092 Plates, ets, noncel, n rein, of polyamides
392093 Plates etc, noncell etc, no rein, amino-resins
392094 Plates, etc, noncel, n rein, of phenolic resin
392099 Plates etc, noncell, nt rein, of plastics nesoi
3921 Other plates, sheets, film, foil & strip of plastics
392111 Plates, sheets etc. nesoi, cell polymer of styrene
392112 Plates, sheets, etc, & strip, cell, plym vinyl chlorid
392113 Plates, sheets etc. nesoi, cellular polyurethanes
392114 Plates, sheets, film, etc, cell, of regenerat cellulose
392119 Plates, sheets etc. nesoi, cellular plastic nesoi
392190 Plates, sheets, film etc, plastic nesoi noncellulr
3922 Baths, washbasins, lavatory pans, seats & covers, cisterns, similar sanitary ware of plastics
392210 Baths, shower baths & washbasins, of plastic
392220 Lavatory seats & covers, of plastics
392290 Bidets, lavatory pans, similr sanitary ware, plastic
3923 Articles of plastic for the conveyance or packing of goods or closures stoppers, lids,
caps, closures, plastic containers, boxes, crates, cases, bottles
392310 Boxes, cases, crates & similar articles, of plastic
392321 Sacks & bags (incl cones) of polymers of ethylene
392329 Sacks & bags(including cones) of other plastics
392330 Carboys, bottles, flasks & similar items, plastic
392340 Spools, cops, bobbins & similar supports, plastics
392350 Stoppers, lids, caps & other closures, of plastic
392390 Art for conveying or packing of goods, plast, nesoi
3924 Tableware, kitchenware, toilet & other household articles of plastics
392410 Tableware and kitchenware of plastics
392490 Household and toilet articles nesoi of plastics
3925 Builders’ ware of plastics, nesoi (not elswhere specified or included)
reservoirs, tanks, doors, windows, frames, shutters, blinds
392510 Reservoirs, tanks, etc, over 300 liters, plastic
392520 Doors, windows & their frames, etc, of plastic
392530 Shutters, blinds etc & pts of plastics
392590 Builders’ ware of plastics, nesoi
3926 Other articles of plastics nesoi office & school supplies, gloves, aprons, handles, knobs, ornamentals
, buckets, pacifiers, nursing items, parts for boats & yachts, beads, gaskets, seals, belting, mattresses, fasteners
392610 Office or school supplies of plastic
392620 Apparel articles & clothing access nesoi, plastics
392630 Fittings for furniture, coachwork etc, of plastics
392640 Statuettes & other ornamental articles, of plastic
392690 Articles of plastics, nesoi
Code 40 – Rubber and articles thereof.
4001 Natural rubber in primary form or plates balata, gutta-percha, guayule, chicle
400110 Natural rubber latex, whether or not prevulcanized
400121 Natural rubber in smoked sheets
400122 Technically specified natural rubber (tsnr)
400129 Natural rubber in other forms, nesoi
400130 Balata, gutta-percha, guayule & chicle etc.
4002 Synthetic rubber & factice from oils or mixed with natural primary form or sheets, strips
400211 Latex of sbr or xsbr
400219 Styrene-butadiene rub; (xsbr), exc latex, nesoi
400220 Butadiene rubber (br)
400231 Sobutene-isoprene (butyl) rubber (iir)
400239 Halo-isobutene-isoprene rubber
400241 Latex of chloroprene (chlorobutadiene) rubber (cr)
400249 Chloroprene (chlorobutadiene) rub, exc latex, nesoi
400251 Latex of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (nbr)
400259 Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, exc latex, nesoi
400260 Isoprene rubber (ir)
400270 Ethylene-propylene-nonconjugated diene rubber
400280 Mixtures of product hdg 4001 with product hdg 4002
400291 Latex of synthetic rubber etc., nesoi
400299 Synthetic rub & fatice derived from oils, nesoi
4003 Reclaimed rubber in primary forms, plates, sheets, strips
400300 Reclaim rub in primary form/plates, sheets/strip
4004 Waste, parings & scrap of rubber, (not hard rubber), powder & granules obtained there from
400400 Waste of rub, exc hd rub, & powder obtain thereof
4005 Compounded rubber, unvulcanized, in primary forms, plates, sheets, strips
400510 Rub, unvulcanized, compound w/ carbon blk/silica
400520 Rub, unvulcanized, in solutions; dispersions
400591 Rubber, unvulcanized, in plates, sheets, and strip
400599 Compound rub, unvulcanized, in primary form, nesoi
4006 Unvulcanized rubber in other forms and articles rods, tubes, profile shapes, discs, rings
400610 Camel-back strip for retreading tires, unvul rubbr
400690 Other forms & articles, of vulcanized rub, nesoi
4007 Vulcanized rubber thread and cord
400700 Vulcanized rubber thread and cord
4008 Vulcanized rubber in plates, sheets, strip, profile shapes (not hard rubber)
400811 Plate, sheet & strip vulcanized rub, cellular rub
400819 Rods & profile shape vulcanized rub, cellular rub
400821 Plates of vulcanized rub, of noncellular rubber
400829 Rods of vulcanized rub, of noncellular rub, nesoi
4009 Vulcanized rubber tubes, pipes, hoses (not hard rubber), with or without fittings joints, elbows, flanges
400910 Pipe, nt reinforced/combine w/material, w/o fittin
400920 Pipe, reinforced/combine w/metal only, w/o fitting
400930 Pipe, reinforced/combine w/ textiles, w/o fittings
400940 Pipe, reinforced/combine w/ material, w/o fittings
400950 Tubes, pipe etc, vulcan soft rubber, with fittings
4010 Vulcanized rubber conveyor or transmission belts
401010 Conveyor belt vulcanize rub, trapezoidal cross sec
401091 Conveyor belt vulcanize rub, width