Section – XVI

HS Code (ITC Classification List)
Code 84 – Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof
Code 85 – Electric machinery, equipment and parts; sound equipment; television equipment
Code 84 – Nuclear reactors, boilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof
8401 Nuclear reactors; fuel elements for nuclear reactors (non-irradiated) ; machinery /
apparatus for isotopic separation; parts thereof
840110 Nuclear reactors
840120 Isotopic separation machinery, aparatus and parts
840130 Fuel elements (cartridges)non-irradiated, and part
840140 Parts of nuclear reactors
8402 Steam or other vapor generating boilers ( not central heating ) ; super heated water boilers
840211 Watertube boilers steam production exc 45 t per hr
840212 Watertube boilers steam prod not exc 45 t per hour
840219 Vapor generating boilers, nesoi, inc hybrid
840220 Super-heated water boilers
840290 Super-heated water boilers & steam genrtn boil pts
8403 Central heating boilers (not 8402) and parts thereof
840310 Central heating boilers
840390 Parts for central heating boilers
8404 Auxiliary plant used with boilers of 8402 & 8403; condensers; parts thereof
economizers, superheaters, soot removers, gas recoverers
840410 Auxiliary plant for steam, water and central boilr
840420 Condensers for steam or other vapor power units
840490 Parts for aux plt for blrs, cond for stm, vpr pr unt
8405 Producer gas or water gas generators; acetylene or similar water process gas generators;
parts thereof
840510 Producer gas, wtr gas, acetylene gas, wtr pro gas gen
840590 Pts, prod gas, wtr gas, acetylene gas, wtr pro gas gen
8406 Steam turbines & other vapor turbines, parts thereof
840611 Steam & oth vapor turbines for marine propulsion
840619 Steam and oth vapor turbines ex marine propulsion
840690 Parts for steam and other vapor turbines
8407 Spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion piston engines
840710 Aircraft engines (spark – ignition / rotary int cmbus )
840721 Outboard engines for marine propulsion
840729 Marine inboard propulsion engines
840731 Sprk-ign piston eng f veh ex railwy not ovr 50 cc
840732 Spark-igntn recprctng pistn engine etc nov 250cc
840733 Spark-igntn recrctng pistn eng etc >250 nov1000cc
840734 Spark-igntn recprcting piston engine etc > 1000 cc
840790 Spark-igntn rcprctng/rotary int combstn eng, nesoi
8408 Compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines (diesel or semi-diesel)
840810 Marine compress-ignin combustion piston engine etc
840820 Compression-igntn int combustion piston engine etc
840890 Compression-igntn int combustion piston eng, nesoi
8409 Parts for spark-ignition or compression-ignition engines of 8407 or 8408
840910 Parts for aircraft engines ( sp- ign, rot or comp )
840991 Spark – ignition int combustion piston engine parts
840999 Spark – ignition reciprocating int com pistn eng pts
8410 Hydraulic turbines, water wheels & regulators; parts thereof
841011 Hydraulic turbines, water wheels, not ov 1, 000 kw
841012 Hydraulic turb & wtr wheels power> 1,000kw & lt; 10,000kw
841013 Hydraulic turbines and water wheels power > 10,000 kw
841090 Parts, inc regulators, for hydraulic turb & wtr wh
8411 Turbojets, turbopropellers & other gas turbines; parts thereof
841111 Turbojets of a thrust not exceeding 25 kn
841112 Turbojets of a thrust exceeding 25 kn
841121 Turbopropellers of a power not exceeding 1,100 kw
841122 Turbopropellers of a power exceeding 1,100 kw
841181 Gas turbines of a power not exceeding 5,000 kw
841182 Gas turbines of a power exceeding 5,000 kw
841191 Turbojet and turboproller parts
841199 Gas turbine parts nesoi
8412 Other engines and motors and parts thereof reaction engines ( not turbojets ),
hydraulic / pneumatic power engines/motors
841210 Reaction engines other than turbojets
841221 Hydraulic power engines and motors, linear acting
841229 Hydraulic power engines & motors ex linear acting
841231 Pneumatic power engines and motors, linear acting
841239 Pneumatic power engines & motors ex linear acting
841280 Engines and motors, nesoi
841290 Engine and motor parts, nesoi
8413 Pumps for liquids; liquid elevators; parts thereof
841311 Pumps for dispensing fuel or lubricants, garage use
841319 Pumps fitted with measuring device, nesoi
841320 Hand pumps, exc pumps fitted with measuring devices
841330 Fuel, lub / cooling med pumps for int comb pistn eng
841340 Concrete pumps
841350 Reciprocating positive displacement pumps, nesoi
841360 Rotary positive displacement pumps, nesoi
841370 Centrifugal pumps, nesoi
841381 Pumps for liquids, nesoi
841382 Liquid elevators
841391 Parts of pumps for liquids
841392 Parts of liquid elevators
8414 Air or vacuum pumps, air or gas compressors & fans; hoods with fans; parts thereof
841410 Vacuum pumps
841420 Hand- or foot-operated air pumps
841430 Compressors used in refrigerating equipment
841440 Air compressors mount on wheel chassis for towing
841451 Table, floor etc fans electric not exceed 125 w
841459 Fans, nesoi
841460 Hoods having maximum horrizon side not exc 120 cm
841480 Air/gas pumps, compressors and fans etc, nesoi
841490 Air/gas pump, compressor and fan etc parts, nesoi
8415 Air conditioning machines with fan & element to change temperature and humidity;
parts thereof
841510 Air conditioning machines, window or wall types
841581 Air conditioning mach etc incl refrig unit etc
841582 Air conditioning mach etc incorp refrig unit nesoi
841583 Air conditioning machines etc not incl refrig unit
841590 Parts, nesoi, of air conditioning machines
8416 Furnace burners for.. liquid fuel, pulverised solid fuel, gas; mechanical.. stokers, grates,
ash discharges & similar; parts thereof
841610 Furnace burners for liquid fuel
841620 Furnace burners for pulverized solid fuel/gas etc
841630 Mech stokes, mech grates, mech ash discharge&sim ap
841690 Parts of furnace burners
8417 Industrial or laboratory furnaces & ovens including incinerators (nonelectric);
parts thereof furnaces for heat treatment of ores, bakery ovens
841710 Ind or lab furmnaces, heat treat ore, met etc, n e
841720 Bakery ovens, includ biscuit ovens, indust, nonelec
841780 Ind or lab furnaces & ovens, inc incin, n/ele, nesoi
841790 Parts of ind or lab furn & oven, incinerat, nonelec
8418 Refrigerators, freezers etc; heat pumps (not 8415) ; parts thereof
841810 Combined refrigerator-freezers w separate doors
841821 Refrigerators, household, compression type
841822 Refrigerators, household, absorption, electrical
841829 Refrigerators, household type, nesoi
841830 Freezers, chest type, capacity not exc 800 liters
841840 Freezers, upright, capacity not exc 900 liters
841850 Refrigerating/freezing display counters etc
841861 Compres type heat pump unit w heat ex nesoi
841869 Refrigerating/freezing equipment, nesoi
841891 Furniture for refrigeration or freezing equipment
841899 Refrigerator freezer and heat pump parts nesoi
8419 Nonelectric instantaneous/storage water heaters; machinery, plant or laboratory equipment for.
.treatment of material by temperature change i.e heating, distilling, sterilizing, condensing
, cooling (not domestic) microwave ovens
841911 Instantaneous gas water heaters
841919 Instant/storage water heatrs ex instant gas wtr ne
841920 Medical, surgical or laboratory sterilizers
841931 Dryers for agricultural products
841932 Dryers for wood, paper pulp, paper or paperboard
841939 Dryers, nesoi
841940 Distilling or rectifying plant
841950 Heat exchange units, industrial type
841960 Machinery for liquefying air or gas
841981 Machinery etc for making hot drinks cooking heatng
841989 Machine etc for mat’l treatment by temp cont nesoi
841990 Parts for machinery plant or lab equipment etc
8420 Calendering or other rolling machines (not for metal, glass), cylinders & parts thereof
842010 Calendering or other rolling machines
842091 Cylinders f rolling mach, exc f metals or glass
842099 Parts, nesoi, f folling mach, exc f metals or glass
8421 Centrifuges; filtering or purifying machinery / apparatus for liquids or gases; parts thereof
842111 Cream separators, centrifugal
842112 Clothes-dryers, centrifugal
842119 Centrifuges, nesoi
842121 Water filtering or purifying machinery & apparatus
842122 Beverage filtering or purifying mach & apparatus
842123 Oil or fuel filters for internal combustion engine
842129 Filter/purify machine & apparatus for liquid nesoi
842131 Intake air filters for internal combustion engines
842139 Filter/purify machine & apparatus for gases nesoi
842191 Parts of centrifuges, including centrifugal dryers
842199 Filter/purify machine & apparatus parts
8422 Machines for.. dishwashing, cleaning / drying bottles, packing or wrapping, aerating
beverages, filling/ closing/ sealing/ capsuling/ labeling.. bottles/ cans/ boxes/ bags/ other containers
842211 Dishwashing machines, household type
842219 Dishwashing machines, except household type
842220 Mach for clean or dry bottles or other containers
842230 Machinery for filling, closing bottles, etc
842240 Packing or wrapping machinery, nesoi
842290 Parts for machines for dishwashing, packing, etc
8423 Weighing machines (not 5cg or better sensitivity), weighing machine weights and parts
842310 Personal weighing machines; household scales
842320 Scales fr continuous weighing of goods on conveyor
842330 Const-wght scales & dischrging predet wghts in bag
842381 Wgh machy, nesoi, capacity <30 kg
842382 Weigh mach, nesoi, capacity >30kg but =<5000 kg
842389 Weighing machinery, nesoi, capacity >5000 kg
842390 Weighing machine weights & pts of weighing machine
8424 Mechanical appliances for.. projecting / dispersing / spraying.. liquids/ powders fire
extinguishers, spray guns, steam or sand blasting machines
842410 Fire extinguishers, whether or not charged
842420 Spray guns and similar appliances
842430 Steam/sand blast mach & similar jet projectng mach
842481 Agricultural or horticultural mech sprayers etc
842489 Mechanical appliance for projecting liquids nesoi
842490 Pts for mechanical appliance project liquid etc
8425 Pulley tackle & hoists (not skip hoists); winches, capstans; jacks
842511 Puly tac&host, exc skip, host fr rais veh, pow el mt
842519 Ply tac&hos, exc skip, hos fr rais veh, n/pow el mtr
842520 Pit-head wind gear; winch spec desig fr underground
842531 Winches and capstans powered by electric motors
842539 Winches nesoi & capstans not pow by electric motor
842541 Built-in jacking systems of a type used in garages
842542 Jacks and hoists, hydraulic, exc blt-in jack systems
842549 Jacks, nesoi; hoists used for raising vehicles
8426 Derricks; cranes; mobile lifting frames, straddle carriers, works trucks with cranes
842611 Overhead traveling cranes on fixed support
842612 Mobile lifting frames on tires & straddle carriers
842619 Ovhd trv, trnpt, gnt, brdg, mobl lft frm&trd car, nesoi
842620 Tower cranes
842630 Portal or pedestal jib cranes
842641 Derricks etc self-propelled on tires, nesoi
842649 Derricks etc self-propelled not on tires, nesoi
842691 Lifting or handling machinery for road vehicles
842699 Lifting machinery, nesoi
8427 Fork-lift trucks; other works trucks with lifting or handling equipment
842710 Self-propelled lifting etc trucks with elect motor
842720 Self-propelled works trucks and forklifts, nesoi
842790 Fork-lift and works trucks, nesoi
8428 Other lifting, handling, loading & unloading machinery elevators, escalators, conveyors, teleferics
842810 Pass or freight elevator exc cont act & skip hoist
842820 Pneumatic elevators and conveyors
842831 Cont-act elevat & convey for goods, underground us
842832 Cont-act elev & convey, fr goods or matl, bucket typ
842833 Cont-act elev & convey, fr goods or matl, belt type
842839 Cont-act elev & convey, fr goods or materls, nesoi
842840 Escalators and moving walkways
842850 Wag push, loco wag trav, wag tip&rail wag hndl equip
842860 Telefrs, chair lfts, ski draglin; trac mech f funcl
842890 Lifting, handling, loading & unloading machy nesoi
8429 Self-propelled bulldozers, angledozers, graders, levelers, scrapers, mechanical shovels,
excavators, tamping machines, road rollers
842911 Bulldozers and angeldozers, self-prop, track lay
842919 Bulldozers and angledozers, self-prop nesoi
842920 Graders and levelers, self-propelled
842930 Scrapers, self-propelled
842940 Tamping machines and road rollers, self-propelled
842951 Front-end shovel loaders
842952 Mech shovels excavators etc w 360 degree sprstruc
842959 Mech shovels, excavators and shovel loaders nesoi
8430 Pile-drivers & extractors; snowplows & blowers; other moving, grading, leveling,
scraping, extracting, boring machines
843010 Pile-drivers and pile-extractors
843020 Snowplows and snowblowers
843031 Coal or rock cutters & tunnel mach, self-propelled
843039 Coal or rock cutters & tunnel mach, nesoi
843041 Boring or sinking machinery, self-propelled
843049 Boring or sinking mach nesoi, not self-propelled
843050 Moving, grading etc machines etc nesoi, self-prop
843061 Tamping or compacting machinery, not self-propelled
843062 Scrapers, not self-propelled
843069 Moving, grading etc machines etc nesoi, no self-pr
8431 Parts for machinery of 8425 to 8430
843110 Pts for pulley tackle, hoist ex skip, winches, etc
843120 Pts of frk lft trks & works trks with lift or hndl
843131 Parts of elevators, exc cont action, sk hoist, escal
843139 Pts for lifting, hndlng, loading/unldng mach nesoi
843141 Buckets, shovels, grabs & grips for derricks etc
843142 Bulldozer or angledozer blades
843143 Parts for boring or sinking machinery, nesoi
843149 Parts and attachments nesoi for derricks etc.
8432 Agricultural/ horticultural/ forestry machinery for.. soil preparation/ cultivation;
lawn rollers; parts thereof
843210 Plows for soil preparation or cultivation
843221 Disc harrows
843229 Harrows ex disc, scarifiers cultivators hoes etc
843230 Seeders, planters and transplanters
843240 Manure spreeders and fertilizer distributors
843280 Agril, hort, forsty mach for soil prep or cultivate
843290 Agric hort/forest machy & lawn/ground roller parts
8433 Harvesting or threshing machinery; grass or hay mowers; machines(not 8437) for..
cleaning/sorting/grading..eggs/fruit/other agricultural produce; parts thereof
843311 Mowers for lawns, parks etc cut device horiz plane
843319 Mowers for lawns exc pwrd w horzntl rotating cuttr
843320 Mowers, nesoi, inc cutter bar for tractor mounting
843330 Haying machines other than mowers
843340 Straw or fodder balers, including pick-up balers
843351 Combine harvester-threshers
843352 Threshing mach, exc combine harvester-threshers
843353 Root or tuber harvesting machines
843359 Harvesting machinery, nesoi
843360 Mach for cleaning eggs fruit & oth agric produce
843390 Parts for harvester, grass mowers, sorting egg etc
8434 Milking, dairy machinery; parts thereof
843410 Milking machines
843420 Dairy machinery
843490 Parts of milking machines and dairy machinery
8435 Presses, crushes, similar for manufacture, cider, fruit juices or similar; parts thereof
843510 Press, crush & sim mac, use in manuf of fruit juices
843590 Pts, pres, crush&sim mac, use in mfg of fruit juices
8436 Other agricultural/horticultural/forestry/poultry or bee keeping machinery;
parts thereof germination plant, poultry incubators and brooders
843610 Machinery for preparing animal feeds
843621 Poultry incubators and brooders
843629 Poultry-keeping machinery (no incubat or brooder)
843680 Agric, hort, forest, bee-keeping machinery nesoi
843691 Parts of poultry-keep mac or poultry incub & brood
843699 Pts for agric, hort, forest, bee-keep mach nesoi
8437 Machines leguminous vegetable;
machines for..milling industry, working of cereals etc.; parts thereof
843710 Mach for clean, sort or grade seed, grain, dr leg veg
843780 Mach f milling or working cereals & veg, exc farm
843790 Parts of mach f clean, sort, mill grain, veg, ex farm
8438 Other machinery for manufacture of food or drink (not animal or fixed vegetable fats or oils);
parts thereof bakery, confectionery, cocoa, chocolate, sugar, brewery machinery
843810 Bakery mach & mach f manuf macaroni, spaghetti, etc
843820 Mach for the manuf of confectionery, cocoa or choc
843830 Machinery for sugar manufacture
843840 Brewery machinery
843850 Machinery for meat or poultry preparation
843860 Mach for preparation of fruits, nuts or vegetables
843880 Ind prep, manuf food, drink exc ext, prep anim, veg ol
843890 Parts of mach of ch 84, nesoi, ind prep food, drink
8439 Machinery (not 8419) for..making pulp(of fibrous cellulosic material),
making or finishing paper/paperboard; parts thereof
843910 Machy for mkg pulp of fibrous cellulosic material
843920 Machinery for making paper or paperboard
843930 Machinery for finishing paper or paperboard
843991 Parts of mach f make pulp of fibr cellulosic matl
843999 Pts for machy mkg or finishing paper or paperboard
8440 Bookbinding machinery, including book-sewing; parts thereof
844010 Bookbinding mach, including book-sewing machines
844090 Parts for bookbind mach, inc book-sew machines
8441 Other machines for making up..paper pulp, paper, paperboard..including cutting machines;
parts thereof
844110 Cutting machines
844120 Machines for making paper bags etc or envelopes
844130 Mac fr mak cart, box, case, tube, drum or cont ex mold
844140 Mach for mold art in paper pulp, paper or paperboar
844180 Mach fr make up paper pulp, paper, paperbrd
844190 Pts of mac fr make up paper pulp, paper/papbrd, cut
8442 Machinery, apparatus, equipment (not 8456-8465) for..type-founding, typesetting,
preparing/making.printing blocks/plates/cylinders/printing components; blocks, plates,
cylinders, lithographic stones
844210 Phototypesetting and composing machines
844220 Mac, app, equip fr typset or comp, proc w/out fun dev
844230 Mach & equip, nesoi, f making print blocks, plates
844240 Parts of mach & equip f make print blocks, etc
844250 Print type, blocks, cylinders etc for print purpse
8443 Printing machinery; machines for ancillary uses to printing; parts thereof
844311 Reel-fed offset printing machinery
844312 Sheet-fed, office type, offset printing machinery
844319 Offset printing machinery, nesoi
844321 Reel-fed letterpress printing machinery
844329 Letterpress printing machinery, nesoi
844330 Flexographic printing machinery
844340 Gravure printing machinery
844350 Printing machinery, nesoi
844360 Machines for uses ancillary to printing
844390 Pts for print machy & mach anchillary to printing
8444 Machines for..extruding, drawing, texturing, cutting man-made textile materials
844400 Machines extrudding, drawing etc manmade textiles
8445 Machines for preparing textile fibers & yarns
844511 Carding machines for preparing textile fibers
844512 Combing machines for preparing textile fibers
844513 Drawing or roving mach for preparin textile fibers
844519 Machines for preparing textile fibers, nesoi
844520 Textile spinning machines
844530 Textile doubling or twisting machines
844540 Textile winding (inc weft wind) or reeling machine
844590 Mac, prod tex yrn & prep, use on mac, head 8446, 8447
8446 Weaving machines (looms)
844610 Weaving mach for weavng fabric not over 30 cm wide
844621 Power looms for weaving fab, width exc 30cm, shuttle
844629 Weaving mach, fabric exceed 30cm, shuttle type, nesoi
844630 Weaving mach f fabrics ov 30 cm wide, shuttleless
8447 Machines for..knitting, stitch-bonding, making gimped
yarn/lace/embroidery/trimmings/braid/net, tufting
844711 Circular knit mach w cylinder diam not over 165 mm
844712 Circular knit mach w cylinder diameter over 165 mm
844720 Flat knitting machines; stitch-bonding machines
844790 Knit mch, nesoi, & tuft mch; mch f make lace, net, etc
8448 Auxiliary machinery for use with textile machines; parts and accessories of textile
or auxiliary machines dobbies, jacquards, spindles, spindle flyers, card clothing, combs,
shuttles, healds
844811 Dob & jac;card reduc, copy, punch, assm mac as aux mc
844819 Auxiliary mac for mac of head 8444,8445,8446,8447
844820 Pt & access for mach for extruding mm text mtl etc
844831 Card clothing
844832 Pts of mach for prepar textile fibrs ex card cloth
844833 Spindles, spin flyers, spin rings & ring travellers
844839 Pts & access for spinning, winding mach etc nesoi
844841 Shuttles
844842 Reeds for looms, healds and heald-frames
844849 Parts & acces of weav mach or their aux mach, nesoi
844851 Sinkers needles & oth arts used in formng stitches
844859 Pts & access nesoi for mach for knittng, braid etc
8449 Machinery for manufacturing/finishing..felt, nonwovens; hat blocks; parts thereof
844900 Mach f manuf or finish nonwovens; hat blocks; parts
8450 Washing machines, household or laundry, parts thereof
845011 Washing mach automatic w dry line cap not ov 10kg
845012 Wash mac with blt-in cent dry, cap not exc 10 kg
845019 Wash mach, capacity not exc 10 kg, household, nesoi
845020 Washing machines with dry linen capacity ov 10 kg
845090 Pts of household or lndry-typ wash mac inc wsh/dry
8451 Machinery (not 8450) for.. washing, wringing, drying, ironing, pressing, dyeing, dressing,
finishing, coating/ impregnating yarns/fabrics, reeling/ folding/ cutting/ pinking fabric,
applying paste to base fabric for floor coverings
845110 Dry-cleaning machines
845121 Drying machines with dry linen capacity n ov 10kg
845129 Drying machines with dry linen capacity over 10 kg
845130 Ironing mach and presses (includ fusing presses)
845140 Washing, bleaching or dyeing machines
845150 Mach for reel, unreel, folding, cut or pink text fab
845180 Machinery of heading 8451, nesoi
845190 Pts for wash/clean, pasting floor covers etc
8452 Sewing machines (not book-sewing of 8440); furniture, bases, covers..
specially for sewing machines; sewing machine needles
845210 Sewing machines of the household type
845221 Sew mach, exc household type, automatic units
845229 Sewing mach, except household & automatic type
845230 Sewing machine needles
845240 Furniture, bases & covers for sewing mach & parts
845290 Parts for sewing machines, nesoi
8453 Machinery for..preparing/tanning/working hides/skins/leather,
making/repairing footwear/articles of hide etc (not sewing machines); parts thereof
845310 Mach for prepar, tann or work hids, skins or leather
845320 Machinery for making or repairing footwear
845380 Mach for make, repair art of hide, skin, lether, nesoi
845390 Parts of mach f prep or make art of hides, leather
8454 Converters, ladles, ingot molds & casting machines,
parts thereof (used in metallurgy or metal foundries)
845410 Converters used in metallurgy or foundries
845420 Ingot molds & ladles used in metal foundries
845430 Casting mach used in metallurgy or metal foundries
845490 Pts for converters ladles etc used in met foundry
8455 Metal-rolling mills and rolls therefor; parts thereof
845510 Tube rolling mills
845521 Hot or combination hot & cold roll mill exc tube
845522 Cold rolling mills except tube rolling
845530 Rolls for metal-rolling mills
845590 Parts for metal rolling mills exc rolls for rol mi
8456 Machine tools for material removal by..laser, photo beam, ultrasonic,
electro-chemical/beam/discharge, ionic-beam, plasma arc processes
845610 Laser or oth light or photon beam machine tools
845620 Ultrasonic machine tools for removing matl
845630 Electro-discharge machine tools for removing matl
845690 Elec-chem, elec-beam, iunic beam, plasma arc mch tool
8457 Machining centers, unit construction machines for working metal
845710 Machining centers for working metal
845720 Unit construction machines for working metal
845730 Multistation transfer machines for working metal
8458 Lathes for removing metal
845811 Horizontal lathes for removng met numrcal controld
845819 Horizontal lathes for removng met n numrcal contrl
845891 Lathes ex horzntl for removng met numrcal controld
845899 Lathes ex horzntl for removng met n numrcal contrl
8459 Machine tools for..drilling, boring, milling, threading, tapping (not lathes of 8458)
845910 Way-type unit head machines
845921 Drilling mach for removing met, numerical controld
845929 Drilling mach for remove met, n numerical controld
845931 Boring-milling mach remove met numerical controlld
845939 Boring-milling mach remove met n numerical control
845940 Boring machines for removing metal nesoi
845951 Milling mach knee type remove met numerical contrl
845959 Milling mach knee type remove met n numerical cont
845961 Milling mach n knee type remov met numerical contl
845969 Milling mach n knee type, remov met, n numercl contl
845970 Threading or tapping machines, for removing metal
8460 Machine tools for.. deburring/ sharpening/ grinding/ honing/ lapping/ finishing..
metal/ sintered metal carbines/ cements (not 8461 gear.. cutting, grinding, finishing)
846011 Flat-surf grind mach axis acc .01mm/+ numrcl contl
846019 Flat-surf grind mach axis acc .01mm/+ n numr contl
846021 Grind mach ex flt-surf axis acc .01mm/+ numr contl
846029 Grind mach ex flt-surf axis acc .01mm/+ n num cont
846031 Sharpeng (tool/cutter grind) mach, numrclly contrl
846039 Sharpeng (tool/cutter grind/ mach n nmrclly contrl
846040 Honing or lapping machines for removing metal
846090 Mach tools for deburring, polishing metal etc
8461 Machine tools for..planing, shaping, slotting, gear cutting/grinding/finishing,
sawing, cutting off, removing metal/sintered carbide metal/cermets
846110 Planing machines for removing metal
846120 Shaping or slotting machines for removing metal
846130 Broaching machines for removing metal
846140 Gear cutting, gear grinding or gear finish machine
846150 Sawing or cutting-off machines for removing metal
846190 Mach tools workng by removng metal, etc nesoi
8462 Machine tools for..forging, bending, stamping, folding, shearing, punching;
presses for metal or metal carbides
846210 Forgng/die-stamp mach press & hammers for work met
846221 Bendng foldng etc mach for work met nmrcal control
846229 Bendng foldng etc mach for work met n nmcal contrl
846231 Shear mach ex com punch & sher for met nmcal contr
846239 Shear mach ex comb punch&shear f met n nmcal contr
846241 Punch/notch mach for working metal numerical contr
846249 Punch/notch mach for work metal not numericl contr
846291 Hydraulic presses for working metal
846299 Mach tools for working met by forging etc nesoi
8463 Other machine tools for working metal draw-benches, thread rolling, working wire
846310 Draw-bench for bars tubes profile wire f work met
846320 Thread rolling machines for working metal
846330 Machines for working wire
846390 Mach tool for work met etc wout remove mtrl nesoi
8464 Machine tools for..working stone, ceramics, concrete, asbestos-cement, similar or cold glass
846410 Sawing mach for working stone, ceramics, like matrls
846420 Grind/polish mach for work stone, ceramics, etc
846490 Mach tool for work stone ceramics concrt etc nesoi
8465 Machine tools for..working wood, cork, bone, hard rubber/plastic/similar
846510 Mach work wood etc diff operations wout tool chang
846591 Saw mach for work wood cork bone hard rubber etc
846592 Plane mill etc mach for work wood cork bone etc
846593 Grind sand etc mach for work wood cork bone etc
846594 Bend assmblng mach for working wood cork bone etc
846595 Drill mortisng mach for working wood cork bone etc
846596 Split slice etc mach for workng wood cork bone etc
846599 Mach tools for working wood cork bone etc nesoi
8466 Parts/accessories for machine tools of 8456 to 8465 work/tool holders, self-opening dieheads
846610 Tool holdrs & self-opening dieheads for machines
846620 Work holders for machines
846630 Dividing heads & ot spec attachments for mach tool
846691 Parts for machines of heading 8464
846692 Parts for machines of heading 8465
846693 Parts and accessories for use with mach tool nesoi
846694 Parts for machines of heading 8462 or 8463
8467 Tools for working in the hand, pneumatic or self-contained nonelectric motor; parts thereof
846711 Pneumatic rotary type tools for work in the hand p
846719 Pneumatic ex rotary type tools for work in hand
846781 Chain saws
846789 Tools work in self-cont nonelectric mtr nesoi
846791 Parts of chain saws
846792 Parts of pneumatic tools for working in the hand
846799 Parts for hd tools self-con nonelectric motr nesoi
8468 Machinery & apparatus for..soldering, brazing, welding (not 8515);
gas-operating surface tempering machines & appliances; parts thereof hand-held blow torches
846810 Hand-held blow torches
846820 Gas operated machinery for soldering, etc nesoi
846880 Machy & appr for soldering brazing welding nesoi
846890 Machy & appr pts for soldrng brazng weldng, nesoi
8469 Typewriters & word processing machines
846910 Automatic typewriters and word processing machines
846921 Elec typewriters, nesoi, weighing 12 kg or less
846929 Electric typewriters, nesoi
846931 Nonelec typewriters, weighing 12 kg or less
846939 Nonelectric typewriters, nesoi
8470 Machines with calculating devices calculators, accounting machines,
postage-franking, ticket-issuing, cash registers
847010 Elec calculators, operate w/o external power source
847021 Elec calculating mch, nesoi, with printing device
847029 Electronic calculating machines, nesoi
847030 Calculating machines except electronic
847040 Accounting machines
847050 Cash registers
847090 Postage-franking & similar mach with calcltng dvce
8471 Automatic data processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers,
machines for transcribing data onto data media in coded form & machines for
processing such data keyboard, printer, scanners, disk drives, power supply
847110 Analog or hybrid adp mach, nesoi
847120 Digital adp mach w central process, in-output unit
847191 Digital process unit with storage, input output un
847192 Input or output units for adp machines
847193 Storage units for automatic data processing machs
847199 Adp mach & unit; magntc//ptcl readers etc, nesoi
8472 Office machines hectograph, addressing, coin-sorting/counting/wrapping, pencil
sharpening, stapling, duplicating
847210 Duplicating machines
847220 Addressing mach & address plate embossing mach
847230 Mail sorting, opening, postage affixing, etc, mach
847290 Ofc mach for automatic banknote dispensers, etc
8473 Parts and accessories (not covers, carrying cases) for office machines &
typewriters of 8469 to 8472
847310 Typewriter & word process mach parts & accessories
847321 Parts of electronic calculating machines
847329 Parts for mach, nesoi, incorp calculating device
847330 Parts & accessories for adp machines & units
847340 Parts and accessories of office machines, nesoi
8474 Machinery for..sorting, screening, separating, washing, crushing,, stone,
mineral substances minerals; shaping or molding mineral products; foundry molds; parts thereof
847410 Sorting etc machines for earth stone mineral subs
847420 Crushing/grinding mach for earth stone mnerl subs
847431 Concrete or mortar mixers
847432 Mach for mixing mineral substances with bitumen
847439 Mixing or kneading mach, nesoi, for mineral substn
847480 Mach for agglmrtng solid mnrl fuel & form foun mld
847490 Parts of mach for sorting etc earth stone ores etc
8475 Machines for assembling..electric lamps, tubes, flashbulbs; for manufacturing..
hot working glass or glassware; parts thereof
847510 Mach f assem elec lamps, tubes etc in glass envlp
847520 Machines for manufacturing or hot working glass
847590 Parts of mach for assmbl elec lamp etc mfg glsswre
8476 Automatic goods-vending machines, parts thereof postage stamp, cigarette, food,
beverage, money-changing
847611 Automatic vending mach with heating or refrig unit
847619 Automatic vending mach without heatg or refrig unt
847690 Parts of automatic vending machines
8477 Machinery for working rubber or plastics, parts thereof injection-molding, extruders,
blow-molding, vacuum-molding, retreading tires
847710 Injection-molding mach for work rubber or plastic
847720 Extruders for working rubber or plastic
847730 Blow-molding machines
847740 Vacuum-molding & oth therm mach for wk rub or plas
847751 Mach for mold/retrd pnmtic tires/form inner tubes
847759 Mach, nesoi, f moldg or formg rubber or plastics
847780 Mach, nesoi, for working rubber or plastics
847790 Pts mach for work rubber/plast/mfg rbbr/plstc prod
8478 Machinery for tobacco preparation, parts thereof
847810 Machinery for preparing or making up tobacco nesoi
847890 Parts of mach, nesoi, for prep or making up tobacco
8479 Machines having individual functions; parts thereof pavers, finishers, spreaders,
presses, rope or cable-making, humidifiers, floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, industrial robots
847910 Machinery for public works, building or the like
847920 Mach f extract or prep of animal or veg fat or oil
847930 Presses f partcle bd & oth mch f treat wood, cork
847940 Rope or cable-making machines
847981 Metal treating mach, inc electric wire coil-winder
847982 Mixing kneading crushing grinding etc machin nesoi
847989 Mach & mechanical appl w individual function nesoi
847990 Pts of mach/mechncl appl w indvdul function nesoi
8480 Molding boxes for metal foundry; mold bases; molding patterns; molds for..
metal(not ingot), metal carbides, glass, mineral materials, rubber, plastics
848010 Molding boxes for metal foundry
848020 Mold bases
848030 Molding patterns
848041 Molds f metal or metal carbides, inject or comprssn
848049 Molds, nesoi, for metal or metal carbides
848050 Molds for glass
848060 Molds for mineral materials
848071 Molds for rbr/plast, injection/compression type
848079 Molds f rubber or plastics exc inject or compressn
8481 Taps, cocks, valves and similar appliances for..pipes, boiler shells, tanks, vats, etc;
parts thereof pressure-reducing valves, thermostatically controlled valves
848110 Pressure-reducing valves
848120 Valves f oleohydraulic or pneumatic transmissions
848130 Check valves
848140 Safety or relief valves
848180 Taps cocks etc f pipe vat inc thermo control nesoi
848190 Pts f taps etc f pipe vat inc press & thermo cntrl
8482 Ball or roller bearings and parts thereof
848210 Ball bearings
848220 Tapered roll brg, incl cone & roller assemblies
848230 Spherical roller bearings
848240 Needle roller bearings
848250 Other cylindrical roller bearings
848280 Oth ball or roll brg, inc combined ball/roll brgs
848291 Balls, needles and rollers for bearings
848299 Parts of bearings, nesoi
8483 Transmission shafts, bearings, gears, cranks, flywheels, pulleys, clutches, shaft couplings;
848310 parts thereof camshafts, crankshafts, universal joints
Transmission shafts (inc cam-&crank-shaft) & crank
848320 Housed bearings, incorp ball or roller bearings
848330 Bearing housings; plain shaft bearings
848340 Gears & gearing. balll screw; gear box, etc
848350 Flywheels and pulleys, including pulley blocks
848360 Clutches & shaft couplings (inc universal joints)
848390 Pts f transmission shft, gears speed changers, etc
8484 Gaskets & similar joints of metal sheeting combined with other material or
848410 two or more layers of metal; gasket sets
Gaskets, metal, 2 or more layers, or with other matl
848490 Sets or assortments of gaskets and similar joints
8485 Other machinery parts (no electrical components) ship/boat propellers and blades
848510 Ships’ propellers and blades therefor
848590 Machine parts with no electric features nesoi