Section – vi
HS Code (ITC Classification List)
Code 28 Inorganic chemicals; organic or inorganic compounds of precious metals or of isotopes
of rare-earth metals, of radioactive elements
Code 29 Organic chemicals
Code 30 Pharmaceutical products
Code 31 Fertilizers Code
Code 32 Tanning or dyeing extracts; tannins & derivatives; dyes, pigments & coloring matter; mastics; inks
paint & varnish; putty & other
Code 33 Essential oils and resinoids; perfumery, cosmetic or toilet preparations
Code 34 Soap; waxes; polish; candles; modelling pastes; dental preparations with basis of plaster
Code 35 Albuminoidal substances; modified starch; glues; enzymes
Code 36 Explosives; pyrotechnic products; matches; pyrophoric alloys; certain combustible preparations
Code 37 Photographic or cinematographic goods
Code 38 Miscellaneous chemical products
Code 28 – Inorganic chemicals; organic or
inorganic compounds of precious metals, of rare-earth metals, of
radioactive elements or of isotopes
Fluorine, chlorine,
bromine & iodine
280110 Chlorine
280120 Iodine
280130 Fluorine; bromine
2802 Sulfur, sublimed or
precipitated; colloidal sulfur
280200 Sulfur, sublimed or
precipitated; collodial sulfur
2803 Carbon, including
carbon black & other carbons nesoi (not elsewhere specified
or included)
280300 Carbon, nesoi
(including carbon black)
2804 Hydrogen, rare
gases and other nonmetals argon, helium, nitrogen, oxygen, boron,
silicon, phosphorous, arsenic, selenium
280410 Hydrogen
280421 Argon
280429 Rare gases, other
than argon
280430 Nitrogen
280440 Oxygen
280450 Boron and tellurium
280461 Silicon contain by
wt nt = 70% by wt combine iron as fe2o3
2822 Cobalt oxide &
hydroxide; commercial cobalt oxides
282200 Cobalt oxide &
hydroxide; commercial cobalt oxides
2823 Titanium oxides
282300 Titanium oxides
2824 Lead oxides; red
lead and orange lead
282410 Lead monoxide
(litharge, massicot)
282420 Red lead and orange
282490 Lead oxides, nesoi
2825 Hydrazine &
hydroxylamine & their inorganic salts; other inorganic
bases, metal oxides, hydroxides & peroxides
282510 Hydrazine &
hydroxylamine & their inorganic salts
282520 Lithium oxide and
282530 Vanadium oxides and
282540 Nickel oxides and
282550 Copper oxides and
282560 Germanium oxides
and zirconium dioxide
282570 Molybdenum oxides
and hydroxides
282580 Antimony oxides
282590 Inorganic base;
metal oxides, & peroxides, nesoi
2826 Fluorides;
fluorosilicates, fluoroaluminates etc
282611 Flourides of
ammonium or of sodium
282612 Fluorides of
282619 Fluorides, nesoi
282620 Fluorosilicates of
sodium or of potassium
282630 Sodium
hexafluoroaluminate (synthetic cryolite)
282690 Fluoroaluminate &
other fluorine salts, nesoi, etc
2827 Chlorides, chloride
oxides & hydroxides, bromides & bromide oxides,
iodides & iodide oxides
282710 Ammonium chloride
282720 Calcium chloride
282731 Magnesium chloride
282732 Aluminum chloride
282733 Iron chloride
282734 Cobalt chloride
282735 Nickel chloride
282736 Zinc chloride
282737 Tin chloride
282738 Barium chloride
282739 Chlorides, nesoi
282741 Caloride oxides and
caloride hydroxides of copper
282749 Chloride oxides and
chloride hydroxides, nesoi
282751 Bromides of sodium
or of potassium
282759 Bromides and
bromide oxides, nesoi
282760 Iodides and iodide
2828 Hypochlorites;
commercial calcium hypochlorite; chlorites; hypobromites
282810 Commercial calcium
282890 Hypochlorites,
chlorites, and hypobromites, nesoi
2829 Chlorates etc;
bromates etc; iodates etc.
282911 Sodium chlorate
282919 Chlorates, except
sodium chlorate, nesoi
282990 Perchlorates;
bromates & perbrom; iodates & period
2830 Sulfides;
283010 Sodium sulfides
283020 Zinc sulfide
283030 Cadmium sulfide
283090 Sulfides and
polysulfides, nesoi
2831 Dithionites and
283110 Dithionites and
sulfoxylates of sodium
283190 Dithionites &
sulfoxylate, exc of sodium, nesoi
2832 Sulfites;
283210 Sodium sulfites
283220 Other sulfites,
except sodium sulfites, nesoi
283230 Thiosulfates
2833 Sulfates; alums;
peroxosulfates persulfates
283311 Disodium sulfate
283319 Sodium sulfates,
except disodium sulfates, nesoi
283321 Magnesium sulfate
283322 Aluminum sulfate
283323 Chromium sulfate
283324 Nickel sulfate
283325 Copper sulfate
283326 Zinc sulfate
283327 Barium sulfate
283329 Other sulfates,
283330 Alums
283340 Peroxosulfates
2834 Nitrites; nitrates
283410 Nitrites
283421 Potassium nitrate
283422 Bismuth nitrates
283429 Nitrates, nesoi
2835 Phosphinates,
phosphonates, phosphates & polyphosphates hypophosphites,
283510 Phosphinates
(hypophosphites) & phosphonates
283521 Triammonium
283522 Mono- or disodium
283523 Trisodium phosphate
283524 Potassium phosphate
283525 Calcium
hydrogenorthophosphate (dicalc phosphate)
283526 Phosphates of
calcium, nesoi
283529 Phosphates, nesoi
283531 Sodium triphosphate
(sodium tripolyphosphate)
283539 Polyphosphates,
2836 Carbonates;
peroxocarbonates; commercial ammonium carbonate containing ammonium
283610 Commercial ammonium
283620 Disodium carbonate
283630 Sodium
hydrogencarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)
283640 Potassium
283650 Calcium carbonate
283660 Barium carbonate
283670 Lead carbonate
283691 Lithium carbonates
283692 Strontium carbonate
283693 Bismuth carbonate
283699 Peroxocarbonates
(percarbonates), nesoi
2837 Cyanides, cyanide
oxides and complex cyanides
283711 Cyanides and
cyanide oxides of sodium
283719 Cyanides and
cyanide oxides, nesoi
283720 Complex cyanides
2838 Fulminates,
cyanates and thiocyanates
283800 Fulminates,
cyanates and thiocyanates
2839 Silicates;
commercial alkali metal silicates
283911 Sodium
283919 Silicate of sodium,
exc sodium metasilicate, nesoi
283920 Silicate; comm
alkali metal silicate, of potassium
283990 Silicate;
commercial alkali metal silicates, nesoi
2840 Borates;
peroxoborates perborates
284011 Anhydrous disodium
tetraborate (refined borax)
284019 Disodium
tetraborate, exc anhydrous, nesoi
284020 Borates, nesoi
284030 Peroxoborates
2841 Salts of
oxometallic or peroxometallic acids
284110 Aluminates
284120 Chromates of zinc
or of lead
284130 Sodium dichromate
284140 Potassium
284150 Other chromate &
dichromate; peroxochromate, nesoi
284160 Manganites,
manganates and permanganates
284170 Molybdates
(molybdenum content)
284180 Tungstates
284190 Salt of inorganic
acid/peroxoacid, exc azide, nesoi
2842 Other salts of
inorganic acids or peroxoacids, excluding azides
284210 Double or complex
284290 Salt of inorganic
acid/peroxoacid, exc azide nesoi
2843 Colloidal precious
metals; precious metal compounds & amalgams
284310 Colloidal precious
284321 Silver nitrate
284329 Silver compounds,
except silver nitrate, nesoi
284330 Gold compounds
284390 Organic compound
precious metal; amalgrams, nesoi
2844 Radioactive
chemical elements & isotopes and compounds, mixtures &
284410 Natural uranium &
compounds, alloys & ceramics etc
284420 Uranium enriched in
u235 etc. plutonium etc.
284430 Uranium depleted in
u235 etc; thorium etc.
284440 Radioactive
elements & isotopes etc nesoi; residue
284450 Spent fuel element
(cartridge) of nuclear reators
2845 Stable isotopes and
compounds thereof
284510 Heavy water
(deuterium oxide)
284590 Isotope exc hdg
2844; compound inorgan/organ, nesoi
2846 Rare-earth metal
compounds of yttrium or scandium
284610 Cerium compounds
284690 Compounds,
inorgan/organ, rare-earth metals, nesoi
2847 Hydrogen peroxide,
whether or not solidified with urea
284700 Hydrogen peroxide,
whether/not solidified w/ urea
2848 Phosphides,
excluding ferrophosphorus
284810 Phosphides, copper,
contain > 15% by wt phosphorus
284890 Phosphide, exc
ferrophosphorus, of metal/nonmetals
2849 Carbides
284910 Carbides,
chemically defined or not, of calcium
284920 Carbides of
silicon, chemically defined or not
284990 Carbides, nesoi,
chemically defined or not
2850 Hydrides, nitrides,
azides, silicides & borides
285000 Hydrides &
nitrides, chemically defined/nt, nesoi
2851 Other inorganic
compounds; liquid & compressed air; amalgams not of precious
285100 Other inorganic
compounds; liq air; amalgams, nesoi
Code 29 – Organic chemicals
hydrocarbons (saturated & unsaturated)
290110 Acyclic
hydrocarbons, saturated
290121 Ethylene (ethene)
290122 Propene (propylene)
290123 Butene (butylene)
and isomers thereof
290124 Buta-1, 3-diene and
290129 Acyclic
hydrocarbons, unsaturated nesoi
2902 Cyclic hydrocarbons
cyclanes, cyclenes, cycloterpenes
290211 Cyclohexane
290219 Cyclanes, cyclenes
and cycloterpenes nesoi
290220 Benzene
290230 Toluene
290241 Ortho-xylene
290242 Meta-xylene
290243 Para-xylene
290244 Mixed xylene
290250 Styrene
290260 Ethylbenzene
290270 Cumene
290290 Cyclic
hydrocarbons, nesoi
2903 Halogenated
derivatives of hydrocarbons
290311 Chloromethane and
290312 Dichloromethane
(methylene chloride)
290313 Chloroform
290314 Carbon
290315 1,2-Dichloroethane
(ethylene dichloride)
290316 1,2-Dichloropropane
and dichlorobutanes
290319 Saturated chlor
deriv of acyclic hydrocarbon nesoi
290321 Vinyl chloride
290322 Trichloroethylene
290323 Tetrachloroethylene
290329 Unsat chlorin deriv
of acyclic hydrocarbons nesoi
290330 Fluorinated etc
derivatives of acyclic hydrocarbns
290340 Halogenated deriv
acyclic hydrocarbon ov 1 halogen
290351 1,2,3,4,5,6-Hexachlorocyclohexane
290359 Halo deriv of
cyclanic, cyclenic or cycloterpe etc
290361 Halogenated
derivatives of aromatic hydrocarbons
290362 Hexachlorobenzene
and ddt
290369 Halogentd deriv of
arom hydrocarbons nesoi
2904 Hydrocarbon
derivatives, sulfonated, nitrated whether or not halogenated
290410 Hydrocarbon deriv
cont only sulfo groups, etc
290420 Hydrocarbon
derivatives, nitro or nitroso gr only
290490 Sulfonated,
nitrated etc of hydrocarbons etc
2905 Acyclic alcohols
and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
290511 Methanol (methyl
290512 Propyl alcohol and
isopropyl alcohol
290513 Butan-1-ol (n-butyl
290514 Butanols, nesoi
290515 Pentanol (amyl
alcohol) and isomers thereof
290516 Octanol (octyl
alcohol) and isomers thereof
290517 Lauryl alcohol,
cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol
290519 Saturated
monohydric alcohols, nesoi
290521 Allyl alcohol
290522 Unsaturated acyclic
monohydric terpene alcohols
290529 Other unsaturated
acyclic monohydric alcohols
290531 Ethylene glycol
290532 Propylene glycol
290539 Diols, nesoi
290541 2-Ethyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)propane-1,3-diol
290542 Pentaerythritol
290543 Mannitol
290544 D-glucitol
290549 Acyclic polyhydric
alcohols nesoi
290550 Halo, sulfo, nitro
or nitroso der of acyc alcohols
2906 Cyclic alcohols and
their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
290611 Menthol
290612 Cyclohexanol,
methyl and dimethyl cyclohexanols
290613 Sterols and
290614 Terpineols
290619 Cyclanic, etc
alcohols and sulfo, etc deriv nesoi
290621 Benzyl alcohol
290629 Aromatic alcohols
and their halo etc der nesoi
2907 Phenol,
290711 Phenol
(hydroxybenzene) and its salts
290712 Cresols and their
290713 Octylphenol,
nonylphenol incl isomers and salts
290714 Xylenols and their
290715 Naphthols and their
290719 Monophenols not
elsewhere specified or included
290721 Resorcinol and its
290722 Hydroquinone
290723 Bisphenol a,
diphenylolpropane and its salts
290729 Polyphenols, nesoi
290730 Phenol-alcohols
2908 Phenol or
phenol-alcohol & their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated,
nitrosated derivatives
290810 Phenol or
phenol-alcohol deriv, halogen subst etc.
290820 Deriv of phenols or
phenol-alchls cont only sulfo
290890 Halo, sulfo, nitrat
der of phenol etc nesoi
2909 Ethers,
ether-alcohols, ether-phenols, ether-alcohol-phenols, alcohol
peroxides, ether peroxides, ketone peroxides and their..halogenated,
sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives etc.
290911 Diethyl ether
290919 Acyclic ethers
(excl diethyl ether) nesoi
290920 Cyclanic, etc
ethers and their halo, etc deriv
290930 Aromatic ethers and
their halo, sulfo etc deriv
290941 2,2′-Oxydiethanol
(diethylene glycol, digol)
290942 Monomethyl ethers
of mono or di-ethylene glycols
290943 Monobutyl ethers of
mono or di-ethylene glycols
290944 Other monoalkyl
ethers of mono or di-ethylene glyc
290949 Ether-alcohols and
their halo etc deriv nesoi
290950 Ether-phenols etc
and their halo etc nesoi
290960 Alcohol peroxides,
ether perox, ketone perox etc
2910 Epoxides,
epoxyalcohols, epoxyphenols & expoxyethers, with a
3-membered ring and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated,
nitrosated derivatives
291010 Oxirane (ethylene
291020 Methyloxirane
(propylene oxide)
291030 1-Chloro-2,3-epoxypropane


291090 Epoxides,
epoxyalcohols etc with 3-member ring etc
2911 Acetals and
hemiacetals with or without other oxygen function and
their..halogenated sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
291100 Acetals and
hemiacetals, with or w/o oth oxy func
2912 Aldehydes, with or
without oxygen function; cyclic polymers of aldehydes;
291211 Methanal
291212 Ethanal
291213 Butanal
(butyraldehyde, normal isomer)
291219 Acyclic aldehydes
without other oxy func nesoi
291221 Benzaldehyde
291229 Cyclic aldehydes
without other oxy func nesoi
291230 Aldehyde-alcohols
291241 Vanillin
291242 Ethylvanillin
291249 Aldehyde-ethers,
aldehyde-phenols etc nesoi
291250 Cyclic polymers of
291260 Paraformaldehyde
2913 Aldehydes, with or
without oxygen function; cyclic polymers of aldehydes;
paraformaldehyde and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated,
nitrosated derivatives
291300 Halogenated,
sulfonated etc der of aldehyde compds
2914 Ketones &
quinones, with or without oxygen function, and their..halogenated,
sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
291411 Acetone (propanone)
291412 Butanone
291413 4-Methylpentan-2-one
(methyl isobutyl ketone)
291419 Other acyclic
ketones without other oxygen functn
291421 Camphor
291422 Cyclohexanone and
291423 Ionones and
291429 Cyclanic, etc
ketones without other oxy func nesoi
291430 Aromatic ketones
without other oxygen function
291441 4-Hydroxy-4-methylpentan-2-one
(diacetone alcohol)
291449 Ketone-alcohols and
ketone-aldehydes nesoi
291450 Ketone-phenols and
ketones with other oxygen funct
291461 Anthraquinone
291469 Quinones, nesoi
291470 Halo, sulfo, etc
deriv of ketones & quinones
2915 Saturated acyclic
monocarboxylic acids & anhydrides, halides, peroxides,
peroxyacids and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated
291511 Formic acid
291512 Salts of formic
291513 Esters of formic
291521 Acetic acid
291522 Sodium acetate
291523 Cobalt acetates
291524 Acetic anhydride
291529 Other salts of
acetic acid
291531 Ethyl acetate
291532 Vinyl acetate
291533 N-butyl acetate
291534 Isobutyl acetate
291535 2-Ethoxyethyl
291539 Esters of acetic
acid, nesoi
291540 Mono-, di- or
trichloroacetic acids, their deriv
291550 Propionic acid, its
salts and esters
291560 Butyric acid,
valeric acid, their salts and esters
291570 Palmitic acid,
stearic acid, their salts and estrs
291590 Sat acyclic
monocarboxy acids and deriv nesoi
2916 Unsaturated acyclic
& cyclic monocarboxylic acid & anhydrides, halides,
peroxides, peroxyacids and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated,
nitrosated derivatives
291611 Acrylic acid and
its salts
291612 Esters of acrylic
291613 Methacrylic acid
and its salts
291614 Esters of
methacrylic acid
291615 Oleic, linoleic or
linolenic acids, salts & esters
291619 Unsat acyclic
monocarbox acids and deriv nesoi
291620 Cyclanic, etc
monocarboxylic acids and their deriv
291631 Benzoic acid, its
salts and esters
291632 Benzoyl peroxide
and benzoyl chloride
291633 Phenylacetic acid
its salts and esters
291639 Aromatic monocarbox
acids and deriv etc nesoi
2917 Polycarboxylic
acids & anhydrides, halides, peroxides, peroxyacids and
their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
291711 Oxalic acid, its
salts and esters
291712 Adipic acid, its
salts and esters
291713 Azelaic acid,
sebacic acid, their salts and esters
291714 Maleic anhydride
291719 Acyclic
polycarboxylic acids, anhydrides etc nesoi
291720 Cyclanic, etc
polycarboxylic acids and their deriv
291731 Dibutyl
291732 Dioctyl
291733 Dinonyl or didecyl
291734 Other esters of
orthophthalic acid
291735 Phthalic anhydride
291736 Terephthalic acid
and its salts
291737 Dimethyl
291739 Aromatic
polycarboxylic acids, anhydride etc nesoi
2918 Carboxylic acid,
added oxygen & anhydrides, halides, peroxides, peroxyacids
and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
291811 Lactic acid, its
salts and esters
291812 Tartaric acid
291813 Salts and esters of
tartaric acid
291814 Citric acid
291815 Salts and esters of
citric acid
291816 Gluconic acid, its
salts and esters
291817 Phenylglycolic acid
its salts and esters
291819 Carbox acids with
alcohol funct etc nesoi
291821 Salicylic acid and
its salts
291822 O-acetylsalicylic
acid (aspirin), salts and esters
291823 Esters of salicylic
acid and its salts nesoi
291829 Carboxylic acids
with phenol function etc nesoi
291830 Carboxylic acids
with aldehyde or ketone func etc
291890 Carboxylic acids
with added oxygen funct etc nesoi
2919 Phosphoric esters &
salts, lactophosphates and their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated,
nitrosated derivatives
291900 Phosphoric esters &
salts, lactophosphates etc.
2920 Esters of other
inorganic acids (not of hydrogen halides) & salts and
their..halogenated, sulfonated, nitrated, nitrosated derivatives
292010 Thiophosphoric
esters and their salts and deriv
292090 Esters of other
inorganic acids, etc nesoi
2921 Amine-function
292111 Methylamine, di or
trimethylamine and their salts
292112 Diethylamine and
its salts
292119 Acyclic monoamines,
their derivatives, salts nesoi
292121 Ethylenediamine and
its salts
292122 Hexamethylenediamine
and its salts
292129 Acyclic polyamines,
their derivatives, salts nesoi
292130 Cyclanic, cyclenic
etc mono- or polyamines etc
292141 Aniline
(aminobenzene) and its salts
292142 Aniline derivatives
and their salts
292143 Toluidines
(aminotoluenes) and their derivatives
292144 Diphenylamine and
its derivatives; salts thereof
292145 1-Naphthylamine
(alpha-naphthylamine), 2-naphthyla
292149 Aromatic monoamines
nesoi and their derivativ
292151 O-, m-,
p-phenylenediamine, diaminotoluenes etc
292159 Aromatic polyamines
nesoi and their derivativ
2922 Oxygen-function
292211 Monoethanolamine
and its salts
292212 Diethanolamine and
its salts
292213 Triethanolamine and
its salts
292219 Amino-alcohols,
ethers etc., 1 oxygen funct nesoi
292221 Aminohydroxynaphthalenesulfonic
acids and salts
292222 Anisidines,
dianisidines, phenetidines and salts
292229 Amino-naphthols and
other amino-phenols nesoi
292230 Amino-aldehydes,
amino-ketones and amino-quin etc
292241 Lysine and its
esters; salts thereof
292242 Glutamic acid and
its salts
292249 Amino-acids &
esters, 1 oxygen function nesoi
292250 Amino-alcohol-phenols,
amino-acid-phenols, etc.
2923 Quaternary ammonium
salts & hydroxides; lecithins & other
292310 Choline and its
292320 Lecithins and other
292390 Quaternary ammonium
salts and hydroxides nesoi
2924 Carboxyamide-function
compounds; amide-function compounds of carbonic acid
292410 Acyclic amides and
their deriv etc
292421 Ureines and their
derivatives; salts thereof
292429 Cyclic amides,
derivatives and salts of, nesoi
2925 Carboxyimide-function
compounds (including saccharin & its salts); imine-function
292511 Saccharin and its
292519 Imides and their
derivatives (exc sacharin) etc
292520 Imines and their
derivatives; salts thereof
2926 Nitrile-function
292610 Acrylonitrile
292620 1-Cyanoguanidine
292690 Nitrile function
compounds, nesoi
2927 Diazo-compounds,
azo-compounds or azoxy-compounds
292700 Diazo-, azo-, or
2928 Organic derivatives
of hydrazine or hydroxylamine
292800 Organic derivatives
of hydrazine or hydroxylamine
2929 Compounds with
other nitrogen function
292910 Isocyanates
292990 Compounds with
other nitrogen function nesoi
2930 Organo-sulfur
293010 Dithiocarbonates
293020 Thiocarbamates and
293030 Thiuram mono-, di-
or tetrasulfides
293040 Methionine
293090 Organo-sulfur
compounds nesoi
2931 Other
organo-inorganic compounds
293100 Organo-inorganic
compounds nesoi
2932 Heterocyclic
compounds with oxygen hetero-atom(s) only
293211 Tetrahydrofuran
293212 2-Furaldehyde
293213 Furfuryl alcohol
and tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol
293219 Cmpds cont an
unfused furan ring etc nesoi
293221 Coumarin,
methylcoumarins, and ethylcoumarins
293229 Lactones nesoi
293290 Heterocyclic comp
with oxygn hetero-atom etc nesoi
2933 Heterocyclic
compounds with nitrogen hetero-atom; nucleic acids & their
293311 Phenazone
(antipyrine) and its derivatives
293319 Heterocyclic comp
with unfused pyrazole ring nesoi
293321 Hydantoin and its
293329 Hetercyc cmp,
unfused imidazole ring etc nesoi
293331 Pyridine and its
293339 Cmpds cont an
unfused pyridine ring etc nesoi
293340 Heterocyclic comp
with a quinoline etc ring-system
293351 Malonylurea
(barbituric acid) and its deriv etc
293359 Comp with
pyrimidine ring, nucleic acid etc nesoi
293361 Melamine
293369 Cmpds (exc
melamine) cont an unfused triazine ring
293371 6-Hexanelactam
293379 Lactams (excluding
293390 Heterocyclic comp w
nitrogen hetero-atm only nesoi
2934 Other heterocyclic
293410 Hetercyc cmp,
unfused thiazole ring in the struct
293420 Cmpds cont a
benzothiazole ring-system etc
293430 Heterocyclic
compnds with phenothiazine ring-systm
293490 Heterocyclic
compounds nesoi
2935 Sulfonamides
293500 Sulfonamides
2936 Provitamins and
vitamins, derivatives & intermixtures
293610 Provitamins,
293621 Vitamins a and
their derivatives unmixed
293622 Vitamin b1
(thiamine) and its derivatives
293623 Vitamin b2
(riboflavin) and its derivatives
293624 D- or
dl-pantothenic acid (vitmin b3 or b5)and der
293625 Vitamin b6
(pyridoxine etc) and its derivatives
293626 Vitamin b12 and its
293627 Vitamin c (ascorbic
acid) and its derivatives
293628 Vitamin e and its
293629 Vitamins and their
derivatives, unmixed, nesoi
293690 Other including
natural concentrates
2937 Hormones,
derivatives & steroids used as hormones
293710 Pituitary
(anterior) or similar hormones
293721 Cortisone,
hydrocortisone, prednisone, etc
293722 Halogenated deriv
of adrenal cortical hormones
293729 Adrenal cortical
hormones and deriv nesoi
293791 Insulin and its
293792 Estrogens and
293799 Hormones and deriv
nesoi, steroids etc nesoi
2938 Glycosides &
their salts, ethers, esters & other derivatives
293810 Rutoside (rutin)
and its derivatives)
293890 Glycosides, natural
or synthetic and deriv nesoi
2939 Vegetable alkaloids
& their salts, ethers, esters & other derivatives
293910 Alkaloids of opium
and their deriv, salts thereof
293921 Quinine and its
293929 Alkaloids of
cinchona and their deriv nesoi
293930 Caffeine and its
293940 Ephedrines and
their salts
293950 Theophylline and
aminophylline and their deriv
293960 Alkaloids of rye
ergot and their derivatives
293970 Nicotine and its
293990 Vegetable
alkaloids, natural or reproduced nesoi
2940 Sugars, chemically
pure (not sucrose, lactose, maltose, glucose, fructose), sugar
ethers & esters & their salts (not 2937, 2938, 2939)
294000 Sugars, chem pure
(exc sucrose, lactose, etc)
2941 Antibiotics
penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline, chloramphenicol,
294110 Penicillins &
deriv w penicillanic acid st; salts
294120 Streptomycins and
their derivatives; salts thereof
294130 Tetracyclines and
their derivatives; salts thereof
294140 Chloramphenicol and
its derivatives; salts thereof
294150 Erythromycin and
its derivatives; salts thereof
294190 Antibiotics, nesoi
2942 Other organic
294200 Organic compounds