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Considering the prospect traffic and likely changes in future vessel size and economics of trade, JNPT has planed a range of development projects, which are at different phases. It is predictable that by the year 2013-14, Port will be handling total cargo of about 77.0 million tons yearly. Infrastructures expansion projects that are planned by the Port are as under.

  • Redevelopment of Mass Terminal into Container Terminal.
  • Extension of Container berth and various facilities at JNP.
  • Deepening & widening of major harbor channel and JN Port channel.
  • Development of Port’s road connectivity.
  • Upgrading of Port’s rail connectivity .
  • Expansion of Internal Port roads.
  • Development of dedicated projects rail line from Port to Delhi.
  • Expansion of 4thTerminal including container Terminal and Marine Chemical Terminal.
  • Upgrading / strengthening of roads outside JNPT area where CFS and empty container yards are located.
  • Improvement of Back up facilities.
  • Deployment of added machineries, equipments and port crafts.

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