Papers for Import Export

International trade resources – Essential documents may be requisite depending on the kind of item or destination. Some export goods may need a quality control check credential from the Export Inspection organization. Some pharmaceutical and food product may involve a health or sanitary certificate for export.

Bill of Export/ Shipping Bill are the most important document compulsory by the Customs Authority for allowing shipment. Generally the Shipping Bill is of 4 categories and the main difference lies with regard to the merchandise being subject to certain conditions which are stated below:

1. Free of duty/ cess

2. Export duty/ cess

3. Entitlement of duty drawback

4. Entitlement of credit of duty under DEPB Scheme

5. Re-export of imported goods

The following are the papers mandatory for the handing out of the Shipping Bill:

* GR forms (in second copy) for shipment to all the countries.
* 4 copies of the packing list stated the quantity, contents, gross and net weight of each package.
* 4 copies of invoices which contains all applicable particulars like quantity, number of packages, unit rate, total f.o.b./ c.i.f. value, accurate and complete explanation of merchandise etc.
* Contract, L/C, Purchase Order of the overseas buyer.
* AR4 (both original and carbon copy) and invoice.
* Inspection/ Examination Certificate.

The layouts presented for the Shipping Bill are as given below:

* White Shipping Bill in triplicate for export of duty free of commodities.
* Green Shipping Bill in quadruplicate for the export of commodities which are under claim for duty drawback.
* Yellow Shipping Bill in triplicate for the export of dutiable commodities.
* Blue Shipping Bill in 7 copies for exports under the DEPB format.

Note :– For the merchandise which are cleared by Land Customs, Bill of Export (also of 4 kinds – white, green, yellow and pink) is compulsory instead of Shipping Bill.